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£70,000 Rings Nearly Ended Up Going To Charity Shop


 April 16th, 2018  |  12:07 PM  |   246 views



A woman almost lost out on £70,000 after trying to give two of her mother-in-law’s rings to charity.


She wanted to donate a four carat diamond Cartier ring and a blue sapphire ring, along with a box of other items which weren’t worth a lot.


But to be on the safe side, she asked auctioneer Gareth Wasp to look the whole of box things over quickly, even though she thought it was all junk.


Gareth, 35, said: ‘If I hadn’t had been on the ball that day the rings would have ended up in the charity shop for someone lucky enough to find them.


‘I noticed the Cartier box straight away.


‘But that doesn’t always mean there is going to be a Cartier ring inside.


‘I looked everywhere for the Cartier signature on the ring because it is normally on the inside, but this was in fact signed on the outside, which is really rare.


‘Then I had a look at this great big diamond in front of me.


‘Meanwhile, the lady, who seemed like she didn’t have the best of relationships with her mother-in-law, kept saying she was really keen to get rid of it.


‘She kept repeatedly emphasising to me to get rid of it and give it to charity – thinking they weren’t worth anything.


‘I just had to say ‘I think this is something that needs a little bit more research’.’


Gareth then came to the second ring which had a Sapphire stone in the center of it.


He added: ‘It was beautiful, absolutely stunning and very popular.


‘Behind diamonds they are second in place.’


Gareth, who is an auctioneer at the Cooper and Tanner Sales Room in Standerwick, Somerset got the rings professionally valued and found they were worth between £15,000 – £20,000.


After inspection, the Cartier ring also revealed that it was VS1 category for clarity, which means it only had very slight inclusions on the diamond.


The fewer the inclusions and black dots within the diamonds – means it is more desirable for a buyer.

Gareth said: ‘It was almost like an added bonus because it is very unusual and rare for a diamond of that kind of quality to come around.


‘We also set it at a very appealing price which created a drama and a theatre in our sale room – which was great and exactly what we wanted,’ he said.


The Cartier ring auctioned for £42,000 and the Sapphire ring sold for £28,000 with an additional commission charge of fifteen per cent plus VAT.


Gareth said: ‘When I told her she couldn’t believe it, she was absolutely gobsmacked.


‘It was great for her and it was great feeling to be able to deliver that, often its the other way round and people over value things.’


Gareth added: ‘This has been the highlight of my career, it has been absolutely amazing.


‘It was a great experience and the Sapphire ring was bought by a room buyer for his wife, which I find really nice.


‘Maybe if people looked in their collection, they would be lucky enough to find a hidden gem as well.’



courtesy of METRO

by Jen Mills


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